What do I need to consider with regards to the time limit of my EASE 5 license?

EASE 5 licenses are offered as time-limited licenses for 1 or 2 years. Within this license term continuous feature upgrades are provided free of charge.

As soon as your license term expires, the license is deactivated and you cannot continue to work with the software. The license expiration will be displayed in the software for the last 30 days of the license term and you will also receive reminder emails. To keep your license active, you must pay a Renewal Fee. This can be done any time before the license term expires or up to 30 days after the license term has expired. After the period of 30 days an Initial Fee must be paid to activate the license again.

To renew your license, please go to "EASE 5 Versions & Prices", choose a Renewal Fee with the feature level you need and proceed to the online store or send an email to @email for a written quotation.

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