What does FIRmaker optimization mean exactly? Why is it so special?

The aim to tune a sound system to a linear frequency response and to direct its output directly into the audience but nowhere else is not new. It is the daily struggle of every sound or system technician.

With the increase of DSP processing power, FIR filters have become widely adapted by loudspeaker manufacturers to design system-specific filter sets. FIR filters allow extensive and very fine-grained system tuning and, more importantly, they allow independent control of frequency response and phase. This has not been possible with other filters before.
Manufacturers usually invest large amounts of time and energy into the design of their system specific filtersets. Unfortunately though, such filtersets are specific to a system and do not incorporate the demands of the venue since this can be different from day to day.

FIRmaker now revolutionizes the process of FIR filter design. The highly sophisticated algorithms of FIRmaker take only seconds to calculate optimal FIR filter sets for a system. They provide significantly more power directly to the users of sound systems than was available to a manufacturer ever before:

  • A linear frequency response as well as a custom target curve can be achieved for any possible system setup, not just a specific one.
  • Sound can be electronically steered directly into the audience while maintaining the same frequency response throughout all the audience areas.
  • Sound can be kept away from areas like the stage or the ceiling.
  • Power Efficiency and SPL of the system can be maximized.
  • The complete radiation behavior of the system can be changed electronically without touching the rigging or setup.
  • Simulation of the system response provides an immediate preview of the results even before the filters are generated and loaded.
  • The user remains in control of all parameters, makes the final decision on which filters to implement and can, afterwards, continue to use all his previous tuning instruments.

It is clear: FIRmaker optimization technology offers more flexibility, more control as well as more options regarding the configuration of loudspeaker arrangements. It does not replace classical sound system design but enhances it and simplifies it at the same time, and in a very powerful way.

While FIRmaker algorithms are a very complex topic, the optimization approach of FIRmaker is straight forward, simple and quick to handle by basically anyone. All that is needed for a FIRmaker optimization is the following data:

  • High quality loudspeaker "GLL" data provided by the manufacturer for his system.
  • Configuration of the exact system setup provided by the user in AFMG's free EASE Focus 3 software.
  • Detailed layout of all audience areas in the current venue, again provided by the user in EASE Focus 3.
  • Other user preferences like areas to exclude, priorities for system SPL or venue coverage etc.

FIRmaker will calculate the optimal FIR filters for the system and immediately provide a preview of the resulting system response for the user to evaluate and base his decision upon.

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