AFMG presents rapidly expanding EASE 5 feature set at InfoComm 2024


AFMG presents rapidly expanding EASE 5 feature set at InfoComm 2024

AFMG presents new EASE 5 features at InfoComm 2024

It has been less than half a year since our team presented the latest advances in the EASE 5 acoustic simulation at ISE 2024 in January. But the rapid pace of EASE's ongoing development packs our program for the forthcoming InfoComm 2024 in June once again full of unique new features.

To learn more about the highlights please see our EASE Upgrade History page.

The exhibition portion of InfoComm 2024, North America's largest audiovisual trade show, will take place from 12-14 June at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada, USA. AFMG will be running live demonstrations of how traditional and modern acoustic design workflows can be boosted by the unique and rapidly expanding feature set of EASE 5.

Join us at booth C9825 in the Central Hall for insightful discussions on modern approaches to sound system design and room acoustics or a deeper personal dive into your specific workflow enhancement. You are also welcome to explore updates to our established software solutions such as EASE Evac, EASE Focus and the trending FIRmaker beam-shaping technology.

Our booth will be represented by AFMG's Managing Director, Dr. Stefan Feistel, and our North American experts, Bruce C. Olson and Dr. Ana M. Jaramillo.

Want to apply EASE 5 to your business?

For those considering adopting EASE 5, this is a unique chance to gain a broad overview and have all questions answered by our experts. Get to know in detail what EASE 5 is about and how it can help your business provide science-based solutions to your client´s problems in an efficient manner. Moreover, discover why major acoustic consultants, AV companies and sound system manufacturers have been upgrading swiftly from EASE 4 to EASE 5.

EASE 5 represents AFMG's modern approach to electro- and room acoustic simulation. Tailored for acousticians, consultants, specifying engineers, and installation companies, EASE 5 combines precision with an intuitive interface and new tools, facilitating efficient project realization across diverse scenarios. The software provides wide-ranging applicability from immersive designs in entertainment venues to speech intelligibility in airports and SPL coverage in shopping malls.

Currently using EASE 5?

We are looking forward to welcome current EASE 5 users to our booth. Take the opportunity to share your experiences with EASE 5 and discuss your questions and your aspirations for its future directly with our engineers.

Your feedback about our software is highly valued, and we are keen to understand how you have utilized EASE 5 in your projects. Feel free to bring specific examples of your projects and to discuss them with us. This will enable us to make ongoing improvements to enhance your experience with EASE, in a way that is tailored to your needs.

Engineering sound systems?

Loudspeaker manufacturers and designers are invited to join us to discuss the current and future states of acoustic simulation, and to explore opportunities for improved integration. We are eager to delve into insightful conversations with you, exploring the latest advancements and trends that shape the audio industry.


We look forward to seeing you at the show!

  • Download your free EASE 5 trial license now and start your journey before the InfoComm!
  • We offer every visitor to the booth a 15% discount. Available through the QR code on our special InfoComm bookmark.