EASE 5 - Early Adopter Program

Welcome to the Early Adopter Program of EASE 5!


EASE 5 Early Adopter Version


Introduced in December 2019, this program represents an important step in the development of EASE 5. It highlights AFMG’s commitment to create a software solution that best meets the needs of our broad and diverse range of users.

On this website you will find detailed information about this program, such as what is included in it, what is the software version of EASE 5 you will receive, the conditions to participate in the program, and details of the registration process.

More About EASE 5

EASE 5 Development

What is the Early Adopter Program?

This program was created to allow users to express during the main phases of software development how important certain features would be to them and their design work. 

In contrast to Beta programs, which typically aim at finding and fixing remaining issues before a software is released, the Early Adopter Program is conducted during the key development stages - while several major features of the software are still missing or are incomplete. Because of this early and continuous involvement, AFMG is able to take into account the feedback received from Early Adopters on time in order to make major additions or changes. Each feature request is discussed and prioritized, and those features with the highest value for the majority of our broad range of users are implemented first. On the other hand, some other suggested features may not be implemented at all in the end.

Eventually, the Early Adopter Program also gives EASE 4 users the opportunity to evaluate and to become familiar with the new approaches version 5 is going to come with. In addition, depending on the current feature set and the characteristics of the project, users may also be able to use the software for real-life design projects.

What is included in the Program?

Early Adopter Feedback Board

You will be provided with credentials to an exclusive forum for discussions between Early Adopters and AFMG about existing and new features for EASE 5.


Dedicated Surveys

As part of the feedback process, AFMG will launch surveys that address essential questions about the software. It is also possible that AFMG will contact you directly for a short interview.


EASE 5 - Early Adopter Version

The Early Adopter Program includes a time-limited license of the EASE 5 - Early Adopter software. It is valid up to 6 months after the official release of EASE 5. Its software activation level corresponds with the existing EASE 4 license (Junior or Standard, AURA and/ or EARS module) that is currently owned.

Notice that as part of the overall development strategy, several major features are not yet fully implemented. Newly developed features are typically incomplete and will only grow step by step based on user feedback.

For instance, the software does not allow the following:

  • Grouping items geometrically
  • Mirroring functions
  • Loading XGLC loudspeaker configuration files

Software updates that gradually complement existing features, or add new features, are provided frequently.

EASE Long-Term Roadmap

The new generation of EASE versions is being completely rewritten on a new development platform. However, due to its extensive feature set, AFMG has decided to take a stepped approach in its development.

Version 5 of EASE will bring several innovations which will be mostly aimed at providing more intuitive room entry workflows, faster design of the sound-reinforcement system, and easier management of materials and basic acoustic parameters.

Amongst other key features, this comprehends e.g. a state-of-the-art rendering engine, entering the room geometry on the basis of imported 2D drawings, new drawing tools, enhanced management of “holes”, improved room volume calculation, and enhanced loudspeaker configuration capabilities.

EASE 5 will continue to use the established calculation modules that were already part of EASE 4, such as Room Mapping or Raytracing. Eventually in version 6 of EASE these modules will also be rewritten and integrated in the main program.

Conditions for the Early Adopter Program

Conditions for the Early Adopter Program

Taking part in the Early Adopter Program for EASE 5 requires accepting the following provisions:

System Requirements:

The minimum system requirement for the installation of the Software is Windows 10 (64-Bit) or Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (64-Bit), and DirectX 11 Feature Level 10 or higher versions.

Confidentiality Note:

All materials and software provided within the EASE 5 EAP are confidential information. The user must not share or show in public the software or parts of the software, screenshots or documentation of the software. If EASE 5 – Early Adopter software is used for conducting a real acoustic design project the required communication and documentation are allowed.

How can I register for the EASE 5 Early Adopter Program?

How can I register for the EASE 5 Early Adopter Program?

Registration for the EASE 5 Early Adopter Program opens temporarily and for EASE 4 users only.

The opening of registration, as well as the number of new seats available, are announced via newsletters to the subscribers of AFMG News who have selected “Special product offers” in their profile.  

If you are subscribed already and would like to verify or update your profile, you can do so by accessing the AFMG News webpage and entering your email address and country. You will receive a message stating that you are already subscribed, and a link to update your profile.

At the date and time announced via newsletter, you will find an info box in your Download Portal account that indicates whether the registration is currently open. If that’s the case, you can access an AFMG Online Store link to the “Registration for the EASE 5 Early Adopter Program”.

The Registration will be closed as soon as all new seats are taken, and will be reopened again at a later time. This way, the group of Early Adopters will grow gradually.

For EASE 5 Early Adopter Program registration we charge a handling fee of 100 EUR.