EASE – Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers

As a globally established industry standard, EASE® stands for reliable, accurate, proven acoustic modeling that is scientifically based and has been continuously developed since 1990. Today, thousands of acousticians, consultants, design engineers, installation companies and other professionals worldwide rely on EASE for their daily work.

Transition process: Two versions on offer

In order to better meet the requirements of modern software and ensure its future ability, we gave EASE a fresh start by bringing it to a new technological platform. In doing so, we have reached a first milestone by releasing EASE 5 First Edition. This easily accessible and highly usable new software is available since October 2022.

For a user-friendly transition, we currently still offer EASE 4 in parallel as especially in-depth users of EASE 4 may need some specific features for elaborate projects designs.

EASE 5-FE and EASE 4 both provide large feature sets. Both software products differ in their structure and toolset and thus entail different workflows. All current and future developments for EASE are based strictly on the new EASE 5-FE platform; this software continues to grow rapidly and will be able to completely replace EASE 4 in the foreseeable future.

Please have a look at our Feature Comparison EASE 5-FE vs. EASE 4 for more details.


Make your choice:


EASE 5-FE - The new & growing platform

EASE 5 First Edition Logo
  • Great usability on a state-of-the-art technological platform
  • Intuitive and modern design concepts
  • Fast and effective project designs
  • Continuous feature delivery
Example Project EASE 5-FE

If you want to work efficiently and time-saving, and at the same time want to calculate on the basis of proven calculation engines, you should take a closer look at EASE 5-FE:


EASE 4 - The established standard

Testimage Product EASE 5
  • Long-grown, highly differentiated feature set
  • Established and practice-proven software
  • Suitable for intricate project designs
  • Recommended primarily for experienced users
Example Project EASE 4

If you are already familiar with EASE 4 workflows and its feature scope and still see the need for specific tools in rather elaborate projects, EASE 4 can be acquired here including a free upgrade to EASE 5-FE:

Do you already own EASE 4 and have questions about EASE 5-FE?

EASE 5-FE Transition - Questions and Answers >> 


Interested in our vision for EASE?

EASE Development Concept and Vision >>



Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team if you have any questions. We will be glad to take care!