EASE 5 - Take advantage of the new tools and workflows!

Header Bild Take Advantage - EASE 5 Second Edition

EASE 5 offers numerous new tools and workflows which you can now take advantage of.

No matter if you are new to EASE or an experienced EASE 4 user, we want to invite you to take a closer look at the innovative toolsets for managing your project such as views, tables and selection sets. Get insight into the fast and efficient workflows for creating or importing the 3D model, adjusting room acoustic parameters, tuning the sound system and setting up the signal processing as well as conducting STI assessments.

Here is what you can do:

  • See the full feature list for all tools and workflows offered by EASE 5.
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  • Read our technical articles below.


Technical articles

EASE 5 - State-of-the-art assessment of speech intelligibility

EASE 5 provides the complete toolset for standard-compliant evaluation and optimization of Speech Transmission Index (STI) values.

EASE 5 - High-resolution EASE GLL data for 22 musical instruments

Based on a large measurement series and state-of-the-art digital signal processing, the Audio Communication Group at TU Berlin has completed a high-resolution database for a selection of the most popular acoustic musical instruments. These are now publicly available as GLL data files for use in EASE 5.

EASE 5 - Planning of immersive sound installations

With the latest version of EASE 5, AFMG released innovative features that support the planning of sound system installations for immersive sound and spatial audio.

EASE 5 - Full 3D model import from AutoCAD, Rhino, and SketchUp

EASE 5 provides 3D model import in DWG format used by market-leading CAD tools. The convenient and robust import function provides perfect preconditions to start your acoustic project quickly and efficiently.

  • Jannik Enders

    "EASE 5 is a big step forward. The completely new user interface combined with lots of useful tools and further improved simulation modules allow for much more intuitive and effective workflows."

    Jannik Enders, Akustik Bureau Dresden
  • Jeroen Geraerts

    “We are currently using EASE 4 in our company and I must say I'm very happy with the changes in EASE 5. The workflow is much faster and more intuitive.”

    Jeroen Geraerts , Solufak BV
  • Luis Pique

    “EASE 5 provides swift simulation preparation, seamless integration with SketchUp, and visually stunning results, which make it perfect for creating high-quality reports. Its user-friendly design ensures a seamless experience for beginners and professionals, making it a valuable asset for your acoustic simulation needs.”

    Luis Pique, PK and Associates LTD
  • Brad Lyons

    “EASE 5 is a game changer offering easy to use, intuitive tools and modern workflows. Not only is the ability to import a 3D DWG into EASE 5 out of Vectorworks Spotlight a huge time-saver, but it keeps the consistency throughout all of my engineering programs and allows me to deliver stunning visual content of acoustics and loudspeakers analysis alike, in both 2D and 3D, that every one of my clients can easily understand.“

    Brad Lyons, HOWAVL
  • Maxence Castelain

    “Thanks to the AFMG Team for being “agile” with this new version of EASE. It’s reassuring to see that AFMG is taking the user’s feedback into account and continuously upgrades its software with top voted remarks. There has been a lot of new upgrades in few months since the first version that I get, and everything is going on the good direction!”

    Maxence Castelain , Arbane Group
  • Janko headshot

    “Congratulations to the AFMG team for excellent work on EASE 5 so far! The new technology and approach is highly appreciated, visualization and UX is great!”

    Janko Vodopija, MODO d.o.o.
  • M. Ziska, Graner Partner Ingenieure GmbH

    “EASE 5 makes it easy to create audience areas and align loudspeakers. You can easily orientate yourself in the model at any time, which not only helps when working on the project but also enables a clear presentation for customers.”

    Melanie Ziska, Acoustics engineer
  • Benedikt Kühne

    “We’re happy to rely on EASE 5 as efficient tool for standard-conform STI and RT calculations. This is how we support the technical planners and architects in an efficient and cost-saving way.”

    Benedikt Kühle, Ingenieurbüro Ostendorf & Partner GmbH & Co. KG
  • Kylan Bowden

    “EASE 5 greatly simplifies the process of creating and navigating around a 3D model. I was able to quickly learn the new interface and create predictions to help us design a system, and help the customer visualize the end-product.”

    Kylan Bowden, Canfield Systems Inc.