Lab.gruppen and AFMG announce extensive FIRmaker integration in Lake v8


Lab.gruppen and AFMG announce extensive FIRmaker integration in Lake v8

EASE Focus & FIRmaker + Lake Controller.

Berlin, September of 2023: Beam-steering and beam-shaping have become important and broadly used tools for providing high quality sound. They are indispensable solutions for acoustically challenging spaces with strong reverberation as well as for special requirements such as avoidance areas. 
On the basis of accurate modeling data, AFMG’s FIRmaker beam-shaping technology can optimize the radiation pattern of line arrays, maximize the power output of a sound system and create a level of sound field uniformity that is unmatched to date. Over the last years, FIRmaker has been licensed and integrated by dozens of loudspeaker companies. Since its release 10 years ago, it has been expanded and developed further, such as into FIRmaker 3D for matrix-like loudspeaker arrays.
Lab.gruppen’s recent launch of version 8 of its legendary Lake Controller marks a new chapter for FIRmaker, as well. The new version allows not only transferring FIR coefficients from EASE Focus / FIRmaker to Lake but it also supports exchanging the entire sound system configuration. As a result, it is now possible to assign modeled line arrays, line array elements, and loudspeakers to PLM+ frames and modules. This new functionality greatly simplifies commissioning and tuning systems and makes Lab.gruppen amplifiers a plug’n’play solution for any FIRmaker application.
Christopher Olofson, Head of Software at Lab.gruppen, states: “Ever since we started our development of the new Lake XP processing with support for dedicated independent FIR processing intended for array optimization and beam steering applications, we have had the vision to integrate with programs like FIRmaker in order to make the user experience as seamless as possible. Now, with Lake 8.0, we are finally able to present such a solution together with AFMG. This will empower our users with vastly faster system deployments, even in real-time, resulting in greater power efficiency and increased SPL output also in already installed systems!”
Dr. Stefan Feistel, AFMG’s managing director, adds: “Our history of integrating modeling and measurement instruments with Lake goes back many years. Today we are glad to see another great innovation come alive. Many of our EASE Focus users and FIRmaker customers rely on Lab.gruppen amps in the field. They will be very happy to see the new functions and workflows and put FIRmaker to a lot of new uses.”


The new functionality is available in Lake v8 and EASE Focus v3.1.220. The software can be downloaded here:

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