Does FIRmaker require on-site measurements?

No, FIRmaker is using high-resolution loudspeaker modeling data to simulate the performance of the system. Based on that FIRmaker computes optimal FIR filters for each DSP channel. Extensive tests in the field have shown that the accuracy of the simulation predicts system performance better than measurable differences of the real setup.

On-site measurements e.g. with SysTune or EASERA can, of course, be performed additionally to refine the performance and align the array to other parts of the sound system.

EASE Evac Upgrade History



EASE Evac v1.1.70


  • Bug fix for read-outs of Signal-To-Noise Ratio in status bar.
  • Bug fix for sound sources properties window when modeling projects with large dimensions.
  • Several minor bugfixes.


EASE Evac v1.1.6


Minor bugfixes for print report


EASE Evac v1.1.5


EASERA Upgrade History

EASERA v1.2.16


  • Bug fix for 1/3rd octave results display.
  • Bug fix for entering propagation factor when processing in-situ measurements.
  • TEF/TDS Module now supported for all ASIO drivers with low latency.


EASERA v1.2.13


Compatibility improvements for how the ASIO driver of Focusrite devices is used.


EASERA v1.2.12


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