Deleting many Listener Seats

When you overpopulate a room with too many listener's seats, is there a way you can globally delete all seats in one easy command?

Go to the Listener Seat Tables (Ctrl+Shift+S) and select the seats you want to delete by dragging the mouse down the left most column. Then go to Edit/Delete Listener Seats. This would waste all the selected seats.
Of course this would work for other items, too.

Invisible Items are still visible

I opened a Vertex property sheet and checkmarked "Invisible". The problem is, that the Vertex is rendered the same way like before, nothing changed. Is this a programming bug?

Only one checkmark can cause a behaviour like this. In the Options Window/Items Tab (Shortcut: F9) please change (LMB click) the column "Inv." (for invisible items) in the row "Vertices" from "Yes" to "No". This will cause all Vertices which are set invisible not to be rendered.

Displace not working?

I inserted a vertex P1 at (0,0,0), then I duplicated it and I chose for the displacement of the new P2 x=+3. It did not move, why?

EASE 3.0 Only: Make sure that Room Symmetry is turned off or (if it is turned on) that the Symmetry Axis is not at x=0, otherwise a displacement moving the Vertex off the axis (in x-direction) is not allowed.

What does the message "Non-Zero Surface Integral" mean and how do I solve this problem?

After the command Check Data has been invoked, EASE calculates the sum of all faces areas. This sum can be considered as a three-dimensional value because every area is added dependent on its orientation in the room. For example two parallel faces with equal areas looking at each other would give zero.
As a result the surface integral of a closed room must also equal zero with a little tolerance.

To solve this problem: In most cases there are two or more faces in the same location. Delete one of them.

Slow Project Data Module

I have finished now a project with approximately 300 Faces and 40 Loudspeakers. But anytime I change something the Project Data Window takes several seconds up to a minute to update the view. Is this a bug?

No, propably not. There are two main reasons for the editing module slowing down that dramatically.

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