In which cases do you recommend to still work with EASE 4 instead of EASE 5?

EASE 5 provides wide-ranging applicability from immersive designs in entertainment venues to speech intelligibility in airports and SPL coverage in shopping malls.

The release of EASE 5 Second Edition in September 2023 marks a turning point that many long-term EASE users have been waiting for: All required functionality for dealing with large and complex projects - known from EASE 4 - is now available!

In EASE 5 Second Edition, however, the setup, evaluation, and tuning of such projects is very comfortable and efficient thanks to the hands-on tools, intuitive workflows and the many new and innovative functions it provides.

If you are considering to start with EASE 5, please use the following options to familiarize yourself with its feature set:

Please contact the AFMG CuS-Team for any more questions.

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