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Infocomm 2011, Orlando, FL, USA

11/06/11 - 18/06/11

Infocomm 2011, Orlando, FL, USA, 11th - 17th of June 2011

AFMG will be present at the stand of its worldwide distributor Renkus-Heinz, booth 421. There will be a number of short presentations related to AFMG products at the booth as well as two manufacturer seminars by AFMG on Friday, June 17th:

New AFMG Software Solutions for Accurate Modeling of Voice Alarm Systems and Room Acoustics

8 AM - 10 AM, Room W221c, by Stefan Feistel

In this seminar, three new software packages by AFMG will be introduced:

  • EASE Security provides installers with a quick and easy way to simulate speech intelligibility in public buildings, venues and large rooms, especially with respect to NFPA 72.
  • AFMG Reflex models the reflection, scattering and diffusion of a sound wave by a structured surface or wall, for example in studio or home theatre applications, and also expands the EASE material database.
  • AFMG SoundFlow computes the acoustic properties of multi-layered walls, such as absorption coefficients or transmission loss, in order to export data to EASE or to investigate noise isolation problems.

All registered participants qualify for a $25 discount on a subsequent software purchase or upgrade.

Latest Developments in SysTune Measurement Software and EASE Simulation Software by AFMG

12:30 PM - 2 PM, Room W221c, by Stefan Feistel

In this seminar the new features of SysTune 1.2 are demonstrated as well as particular modeling functions of the industry standard EASE 4.3. Measurement advancements include a new software module for optimal delay alignment, an interface to the AUBION X.8 professional soundcard as well as improved windowing and display functions. The discussion of EASE 4.3 covers in particular the validity of STI calculations based on statistical room acoustics and the new AURA cloud computing technology.

All registered participants qualify for a $25 discount on a subsequent software purchase or upgrade.

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Infocomm 2011

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