AFMG Newsletter - Issue 41, June 2019

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Welcome to a new edition of the AFMG® Newsletter. These quarterly issues inform you about software updates, trainings, and interesting downloads related to our products.

EASE 5 Preview at InfoComm:  AFMG Shows Innovations in Action

There is already a lot of excitement in the industry about the innovations coming with EASE 5. This year’s InfoComm in Orlando, Florida will be one of only a few occasions to see some of the new features in action such as:
  • Fast rendering engine: Get a clear understanding of a room’s geometrical details easily and quickly.
  • New room entry: Draw a theatre with 1,000 seats in less than 10 minutes.
  • Intuitive acoustic parameters: Watch the RT update in real-time while you modify room elements and absorption characteristics.
  • Easy sound system design: Use the comfortable search engine to browse more than 3,000 loudspeaker models for use in a project.
  • Innovative material management: See the distribution of absorption in the room at a single glance.
  • New AURA version: Unlimited supported RAM, new features, faster calculations.

With its ground-breaking new feature set, version 5 of EASE will become a major milestone in the history of the EASE development. EASE 5 will be high-quality software that is consistent and stable as never before. It is not only being rewritten from scratch, but re-conceptualized to bring the best possible experience to the end user – intuitive, fast, and easy to learn.

For those who can’t wait to put it to use: An exclusive Early Adopter phase of EASE 5 will be started soon after InfoComm. In fall 2019 a limited number of current EASE users will be selected by AFMG to actively accompany the development process. These users will have the unique chance to provide us with their feedback about preferred workflows and desired next features based on how they apply the new software for their projects. Accordingly, the Early Adopter phase represents the final step towards the release of EASE 5. It highlights AFMG’s commitment to create a software solution that meets the needs of our broad and diverse range of users best.

Stop by and get a personal demo of the new feature set - live at InfoComm!
  • June 12 to 14
  • Booth 6643 (exhibit hall west, level 2)

Secure Your EASE 5 License Now!

If you are currently considering to obtain or upgrade an EASE® license you do not need to wait until the release of EASE 5. If you decide to purchase now, you will benefit from our special offer:
AFMG grants a free license of EASE 5 for every new or additional license of EASE 4.4!
  • New EASE 4.4 users will receive EASE 5 for free.
  • Users who wish to extend their EASE 4.4 licenses with additional User Keys will receive a free EASE 5 license for each added User Key.
  • EASE 4.4 JR users who upgrade to EASE 4.4 Standard now are eligible for a free license of EASE 5 Standard.
  • EASE 5 Standard licenses will include any AURA and EARS modules purchased with EASE 4.
All EASE 5 free licenses can be used as soon as the software is released. Any EASE 4 licenses can continue to be used in parallel with EASE 5. Thus, you will be able to migrate to the new version at your own pace and without affecting ongoing design projects.

AFMG recommends to purchase your EASE 4.4 license or upgrade to EASE Standard version now, before the release of EASE 5. Current prices are significantly lower.
Click Here for Prices and Details!


"GUZ BOX design + audio" Assumes AFMG Distribution Partnership

GUZ BOX design + audio takes over AFMG® distribution partnership for Australia and New Zealand from Scientific Acoustic. We are proud that Peter J. Patrick, the head of Scientific Acoustic, has represented us with his company for so long as a partner with an excellent reputation and outstanding expertise in his region.

For years Peter has maintained excellent cooperation with Tim Kuschel not least of which is the implementation of EASE trainings in Australia and Asia.

In this respect Tim has already rendered outstanding service for us as a highly competent EASE instructor. He has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of environmental noise measurement, building acoustics, and professional sound-system design.

Under his company, GUZ BOX design + audio, Tim has taken over the distribution partnership for AFMG in Australia and New Zealand effective as of April 1, 2019.
We would like to welcome Tim on board & wish Peter all the best for his retirement!

Get in Contact with Our Local Partners

This link provides an overview of our worldwide network of qualified distribution partners including their contact data:

Strong AFMG Presence at 177th ASA Meeting

The Acoustical Society of America just celebrated its 90th anniversary at the biannual meeting in Louisville, KY, United States in the third week of May. Our North America team, represented by Bruce Olson and Ana Jaramillo, co-chaired a session on “Methods and techniques used for simulation of room acoustics”. The session included presentations by renowned researchers and practitioners such as Michael Vorländer (Aachen University), Peter Mapp (Peter Mapp Associates), David Woolworth (Roland, Woolworth & Associates), and AFMG’s own partner Wolfgang Ahnert.

Bruce and Ana’s presentation delved into the differences between predictions using statistical equations and predictions using ray-tracing software simulations. At the end of the conference, Ana Jaramillo assumed the key role of Chair of the Technical Committee in Architectural Acoustics of the ASA to which she had been elected earlier this year.

AFMG’s presence at ASA events will continue to be strong. We look forward to attending and actively supporting also the next international conferences planned for 2020 in Mexico and for 2021 in Australia!

Bruce Olson - ASA Fellow since 2018 -  playing the saxophone at the ASA Jam session on
Wednesday night.

New Loudspeaker Data

For the EASE®, EASE Evac, EASE Focus, and EASE Address simulation software packages, the following new data files are now available or have been updated:






FZ Audio





Honeywell Audiovisuals





KV2 Audio





System Sensor





Wharfedale Pro





2019 Seminars Overview

In this section we provide updates on our upcoming seminars and trainings. Please use the links below to access detailed information and to reserve your seat.

Should you have any question regarding our classes, please contact us directly at:

Tokyo, Japan

SysTune Pro
by J. Tesori

June 13 - 14


EASE Compact Training
by GUZ BOX design + audio

August 5 - 7

Pondicherry, India

EASE Training
by Sound Wizard

August 20 - 23

Berlin, Germany

EASE Level 1 & 2

September 16 - 20

Minneapolis, USA

EASE Levels 1 & 2
by AFMG North America

September 30 - October 4

Minneapolis, USA

Sound System Optimization
and Measurement

by AFMG North America

October 7 - 8

Minneapolis, USA

by AFMG North America

October 10 - 11

Bogotá, Colombia

EASE Level 1 & 2
by Boutique Pro Audio

October 28 - November 1

Switzerland & Germany

Sound System 

by Markus Zehner

Various dates

Online, Worldwide


Various dates

AFMG classes are not only educational. Participants highly appreciate the new contacts to other professionals in the field and the broad exchange of knowledge. Freshman or expert - we would be very happy to see you soon!

Seminars are also regularly updated in our Classes Overview. If you subscribe to receive local training announcements, you will also be informed of upcoming classes in your region. You can update your subscription preferences if you follow the link at the end of this newsletter.

Latest Updates & Current Program Versions

In this section we provide you with an up-to-date overview of the current release versions of all AFMG programs.

We hope this will make it easy for you to check the status of your programs. Remember, the latest version can always be downloaded from your account in the AFMG Download Portal.

New: March 2019 >> 


Version 4.4.22


EASE SpeakerLab

Version 1.1.26



Version 1.1.6


AFMG SoundFlow

Version 1.0.12


AFMG Reflex

Version 1.0.8



Version 1.2.13


AFMG SysTune

Version 1.3.7





The following free software is available for download:


EASE Focus

Version 3.1.7


EASE Address

Version 1.1.21






Version 1.0.0


DSP Communcation Service

Version 0.5.4


SysTune Plug-In API

Version 2.2

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