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AFMG Software Newsletter
   - Issue 10, August 2010

Welcome to a new issue of the AFMG Software Newsletter. With this newsletter we like to inform you about new products, software updates and interesting downloads related to our software. This newsletter also provides information about upcoming classes and AFMG appearances at conventions and trade shows.

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AFMG at ICA 2010 in Sydney

Reflex Beta 2 AFMG will be exhibiting at the 20th International Congress on Acoustics in Sydney, Australia, August 23rd - 27th 2010. Supported by its worldwide distributor Renkus-Heinz, AFMG will have its own booth, #17.

We will be showing the latest tools developed by AFMG, including:

Peter Patrick, head of acoustic consultants Scientific Acoustics, will be on hand to demonstrate and answer questions.

For more details regarding ICA please see:

»  AFMG Announcement

»  ICA 2010

About Peter Patrick

Peter PatrickPeter Patrick began working life as a Technician In Training in Australia's Postmaster General's department (PMG). Highlights included building the final analogue link around the continent (Katherine to Kunurra). Peter set out on a path of self employment in audio and acoustics in 1998 when Scientific Acoustics was registered.

Nowadays he enjoys working with some of the worlds latest audio prediction test & measurement systems and has a long list of successful projects to his credit. He is a Beta tester for EASE, EASERA and SysTune software and has convened every EASE training seminar so far held in Australia.

More information at

»  Scientific Acoustics

ADA Foundation Expands Educational Offers

Founded and sponsored by the partners of AFMG, the ADA Foundation is a non-profit organization by German law that supports universities and students with respect to research and education in the field of acoustics. ADA Foundation offers AFMG software at prices as low as 10% of the regular sales price to certified establishments. Certified students may receive free time-limited software licenses for their thesis.

Most recently, the company has included EASE 4.3 as well as SysTune Pro in its educational program.

Price lists and more information are available at

»  ADA Foundation Website

Next EASE Classes

AFMG Office Building

AFMG - EASE Training, Berlin, Germany

EASE Training by ADA and AFMG - EASE 4.3, October 6th - 8th, 2010, Berlin, Germany. Instructor is Emad El-Saghir. Language is English.

This 3-day seminar covers an overview of EASE and the basics of room modeling and sound system design. The EASE database and visualization functions will be discussed as well as advanced simulation modules like raytracing and AURA. Finally, an introduction is given into auralisation and post-processing of calculation results.

»  Details

TU Berlin, 'Akustische Simulation und Beschallungsplanung mit EASE'

This German-language seminar is designed for professional users of modern modeling software. It covers advanced topics, such as modeling algorithms and input quantities like room geometry and loudspeaker performance data. Emphasis is put on the calculation of results according to ISO 3382 (room acoustic measures) and IEC 60268-16 (speech intelligibility). Finally the advantages of auralisation are discussed.

The 3-day seminar uses EASE as the tool of choice. Please note that this is a class for advanced users. Beginner-level topics such as the fundamentals of acoustics and the entry of room geometry are not covered.

»  Details

Renkus-Heinz - EASE Training, Foothill Ranch, CA, USA

The 3-day class covers the basics of using EASE 4.3 and EASE JR 4.3 with particular emphasis on room modeling techniques and basic electro/acoustic analysis. Jim Mobley and Jonas Domkus, Renkus-Heinz Application Engineers, are the instructors for most Level 1 classes.

»  Details

Please also see our calendar located here:

» Training Classes

Trade-Up for EASERA and SysTune

SysTuneAFMG and Renkus-Heinz, the worldwide distributor for AFMG’s SysTune and EASERA programs, announced a $200 upgrade offer for owners of MLSSA, TEF and Smaart.

The two measurement tools from Ahnert Feistel Media Group have been very well received throughout the industry and have rapidly established themselves as the toolkit for professionals.

SysTune, widely acclaimed for its ability to produce accurate measurements during live events, is popular worldwide with live sound engineers. EASERA is an all-in-one software package for acoustic and electronic measurements and makes all of the most useful and important audio test and measurement tools – MLS, TDS and dual-FFT – available to anyone with a laptop PC and a compatible soundcard.

»  EASERA Website

»  SysTune Website

The $200 upgrade offer is available from Renkus-Heinz distributors worldwide. For details please see:

»  Renkus-Heinz

Data Updates for EASE Focus

FocusAFMG is glad to announce more official licensees of EASE Focus v2, AFMG's new 3D line array modeling software (Details):

The following database updates are now available:

The free software download and more information are located here:

»  EASE Focus Website

AFMG on Facebook

AFMG on FacebookWith the Infocomm 2010 tradeshow AFMG established its presence on Facebook to provide all users with quick status updates for our software as well as the latest information on developments in and around our company.

Please visit:

»  AFMG on Facebook

New EASE Loudspeaker Data

EASE LogoFor the EASE simulation software package, the following new data files are now available or have been updated:

To download the latest data select "Help / Database Update" in the EASE main window.

»  EASE Developer's Website

SDA Establishes New Website

SDA WebsiteSDA is happy to announce a complete revision of its English and German website. The new homepage will provide customers with more information more quickly. SDA develops most of the software products distributed and marketed by AFMG.

Please see us at:

»  SDA Website

Where to Meet Us

Next events and tradeshows:

ICA 2010, Sydney, Australia, 23rd - 27th Aug 2010

2010 PLASA Show, London, UK, 12th - 15th Sep 2010

Expomusic 2010, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 22nd - 26th Sep 2010

129th AES, San Francisco, CA, USA, 4th - 7th Nov 2010

2nd Pan-American/Iberian Meeting on Acoustics, Cancun, Mexico, 15th - 19th Nov 2010

The AFMG calendar lists all trade shows, lectures and events. Find it here:

» Events

Loudspeaker Data in EASE, EASE Focus, EASE SpeakerLab and EASE Address

We often receive questions about how to generate loudspeaker data for EASE or EASE Focus. Please see the following links for more details on this and DLL / GLL data formats as well:

»  Line Array Modeling in EASE 4

»  GLL White Paper, GLL Viewer and additional documents