EASE Address Upgrade History

EASE Address  v1.1.221


Bug fix for exporting rooms to EASE 4.


EASE Address  v1.1.220


Minor Update and Bug Fixes

  • The software now supports file associations in order to automatically load a project file (*.ead) upon start-up.
  • Improved memory management.
  • Bug fix for Apple computers with M1 processors.
  • Improvements for author file management.
  • Updated example loudspeaker data.


EASE Address - Distributable installer for licensed manufacturers


Size: 11MB 
Notes: This installer is intended to be used for the re-distribution of EASE Address and does not include any data files. Data files to be installed must be placed in the /data/ subdirectory. All files from this directory will be copied to the System Definitions directory of EASE Address during installation.

We are a loudspeaker company. Do you have measurement guidelines for creating loudspeaker data files in GLL format?

Accurate loudspeaker data is necessary for reliable simulation results.

As a manufacturer you can measure and create loudspeaker data yourself. In addition to the proper equipment, you would need in-depth knowledge about the measurement techniques to adequately model the loudspeaker behavior. For this please refer to SpeakerLab’s comprehensive User´s Guide which can be found under the link below.

In this manual you will find step-by-step instructions for the most common cases along with related references:

EASE Address Loudspeaker Database

Several manufacturers have provided their licensed EASE Address data to AFMG for distribution. You can download this database below. Please find an overview of the supported brands here. - Note that some loudspeaker manufacturers distribute the loudspeaker data only through their website or upon request. If you are missing a particular brand in EASE Address, please contact the respective manufacturer directly.